Volume .002 | Poetry

What song is pulled up
in the little
dumb waiter of his throat
at a time like this?

from “I find a common House Sparrow”

– Rose Maria Woodson


Jessica Barksdale
Alice Takes Her Mother to a Funeral

Nikita Bhardwaj

Carl Boon

Julie Phillips Brown
Gaillardia Aristata in the Age of Its Technological Reproducibility
An ossuary, dark
Ritual for Summoning What You Cannot Remember—Your Mother in Your Infancy

Darren C. Demaree
Emily as an Open Hand
Emily as Strangeness
Emily as We Hover to Ache

Natasha N. Deonarain
bronzed aphrodite

Jason Emde
go on then

Rebecca Griswold
Persephone Feasts on the Food of the Dead


Aimee Lowenstern

Hannah Marshall
Grandmother Dee
A History of my Pew

Krista Rossi
Orange Tabby

Jorrell Watkins
Nine Mile Rd.
Friends of Earth Alert Monarch Butterflies Endangered
In another America colder, whiter than home Styrofoam is banned

Benjamin Watts
Chartreuse Pulses

Sonya Wohletz

Rose Maria Woodson
I Find a Common House Sparrow