Volume .001 | Poetry

I want to kiss strangers and fall
like snow.

from “Resolution”

– jd hegarty


Glen Armstrong
Songs About Houseflies

Constance Backus
questioning the weather

Tegan Blackwood
An Experiment with Artificial Moons

Virginia Boudreau
Loon Calls

Mary Buchinger
you can read it in its rings

Yuan Changming
My Crows
On My Birthday and Off
Sonnetting in Infinitives

Estrella del Valle (Translated by Toshiya Kamei)
Brittany Maynard Takes Her Own Life
Manus Stuprare
March of the Sun
Rain Memorial

Kasaf Ghumman
Thanatophoric – Death Loving

jd hegarty
I Put the X in Sex

Emily Murman
Body Rot

Ben Nardolilli

Karen Rigby
Horoscope: Earth Horse

Gretchen Rockwell
Quarto for Godzilla

Ahreeda Ryter
Last Night, On the Six O’Clock News
Mama Says the Tongue

Amy Soricelli
nightmares are this

Crystal Stone
At Lockwood Café

Ojo Taiye
Mother, My Trip to a Foreign Land has Failed Me, I Can’t Breathe

Stephen Scott Whitaker
The Way Things Are Sometimes